The work at the new technology of grafted grape saplings was begun by my father, hereditary enologist, Gvelesiani Nikolay Vladimirovich in 1947. When reading his records I was very much surprised with one phrase where he wrote: “I have a dream to create the new technology of production of grafted grape saplings which will enable to increase their yield, quality and to exclude preliminary stratification”. He was spending all his free time in the vineyard. The long years of laborious work have brought the results. He often told me, that a grapevine is a divine creation, and treated it with special awe. Before death he gave me the works and told: “I have achieved my object, I have made a revolution in wine growing and am sure that my descendants will continue my work, which was not completely accomplished”. During long years I have carefully kept his works, until the day has come when I have made a decision to be engaged in it. My profession is physics, but it not only prevented me, but helped me to understand a new theme. During 5 years I have read all the available literature concerning wine growing, worked in the Internet and acquiring knowledge scrupulously gained an understanding of the works, left to me in the inheritance.

In December, 2004 I filed an application for invention under the title “GVELESIANI METHOD” FOR PRODUCTION OF GRAPE GRAFTED SAPLINGS”. On 10.09.06 the Georgian Patent Office “Sakpatenti” granted the patent for invention No Р 3812. In December, 2005 I also filed an application in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which evaluate the invention highly.
In 2008 the experiment was carried out together with employees of Scientific Research Institute of Gardening, Wine Growing and Winemaking in Kartli region, which has given the expected results.

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